Posted by: freshbakednews | July 18, 2008

Making Wishes – Birthday Candles

Each month I’ll attempt to remind readers about different ways to make wishes.  Surprisingly enough my last entry (wishing on dandelions) was June 18th – exactly one month ago!  This was completely serendipitous!  This month the spotlight is highlighting a wishing method very near and dear to wish-cake’s heart — birthday candles!

Everyone is probably familiar with the process — after the candles (one for each year) on the cake (or cupcake!) are lit the person of honor takes a deep breath.  As the breath is drawed in the wish is to be made.  Then the birthday person attempts to blow out ALL the candles in ONE breath.  If he/she succeeds then his/her wish will come true. 

Included in each wish-cake delivery is a birthday candle.  Although we can’t afford to give our customers one for every year of their lives (sorry!) we want to be sure our cupcake recipients have the opportunity to blow out at least one candle!  Do you know what you’d wish for?  I do!  Happy Wishes!





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