Posted by: freshbakednews | September 12, 2008

Making Wishes – Shooting Stars

While walking one of these beautiful end of summer evenings I saw a friend point to the heavens and heard, “Oh, did you see it?  A shooting star!”  My answer was then and is always, “No!  I missed it!”  I often ache to spend hours at that very spot waiting for the next.  Shooting stars…they do exist.  They’ve been explained as pieces of debris floating around the solar system going into the atmosphere of the Earth.  The debris essentially becomes a meteor.  I’ve read that an earthly view of a meteor can be among the most beautiful of astronomical events. They tell me meteor showers, when large groups of meteoroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere within a brief period, are especially beautiful. Each meteor creates a rapidly fading light streak against the sky.
It is considered by many to be a sign of good luck to see a shooting star.  Perhaps the tradition of finding guidance in the heavens eventually caused shooting stars to be seen as having the ability to make wishes true. Wishing upon a shooting star is one of the most prevalent and enduring of wishing traditions. 
My best to you on your shooting star wishes!
My wish is just to see one!  🙂



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