Posted by: freshbakednews | November 18, 2008

The Problem with Red Frosting

We recently tried to make red frosting (without altering the taste of our buttercream recipe). Unfortunately, we have not acheived the results we want for our customers.  We got frustrated enough to remove “red” from our frosting colors.  Boo.  Here’s a photo of the finished color of a recent batch …

The color is nice, but it’s more dark pink then red.  Our experience is that as you add more red food coloring the frosting becomes a darker shade of PINK.  Also as more red food coloring is added the frosting’s taste gets bitter.  We’ve done some research but are still struggling with the suggested techniques.

People have a variety of suggestions including: starting with pink food coloring and then moving to red. Others recommend Americolor Liquid Gel.  Naturalists suggest two ingredients for a rich red color — pomegranate juice, or dried, powdered, boiled, unsalted red beets. Apparently the juice will flavor the frosting, however, the beets will not.  Interesting!  Another natural suggestion was berries.  

If you have suggestions that have worked for you please let us know! And thank you!  Maybe you’ll be integral in returning red to our frosting colors!


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