Posted by: freshbakednews | January 7, 2009

Birthday Cakes


I grew up in Grandma Bonnie’s and Papa’s house.  Grandma Bonnie is my mother but today she is better known as the grandmother of my two wonderful nieces.  She is the originator of the amazing “Bunny Cake” recipe. 

Grandma Bonnie made birthdays special.  They always required a party (when we were younger) as well as  a cake requested by  the celebrant (once we could express what we wanted).  At age 33 my mom still asks me what kind of cake I’d like for my birthday.  She’s the best.

The “Bunny Cake” was requested many a time as the desired birthday cake in our house.  It probably was the most requested cake ever.  Because of its popularity we at Wish-Cake thought it would be special to include the Bunny Cake in our blog.

The first picture is vintage 1976.  My mom and I are not in that photo – the girl in the pig tails closest to the cake is my sister (the mother of those two wonderful nieces).  The second picture is circa 2006.  I took the photo with my phone’s camera.  The third photo is vintage 1978 (give or take).  My sister still has the pig tails and I’m in the horribly rainbowish outfit and I’m being held by an aunt.  Poor Grandma Bonnie was probably always taking the photos!

From 1976 (and probably earlier) the Bunny Cake remains a constant reminder of those special birthdays!  Here’s to Grandma Bonnie and the amazing Bunny Cake!  We’ll catch her with it in the next photo!


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