Posted by: freshbakednews | January 16, 2009

Making Wishes – Street Lights

I’m probably showing my age with the next sentence, however, I’m hoping beyond hope that this wishing method is perpetually popular in high school.  Because for me it was.  I’m describing the street light wishing technique.  Perhaps it’s popular because folks at that age are learning to drive and starting to gain more independence = spending an increasingly large amount of time in the car.  It’s not the most popular way of making wishes I’ll give you that, however, it can’t be any less valid than all the other ways!

The basic idea (at least where I grew up) is that if you begin driving through a green street light and it turns to yellow while you’re driving through it you should kiss your fingers and touch the roof of the car.  (Perhaps not the best idea for new drivers, however, a technique nontheless.)  

There is also another wishing theory involving street lamps/lights – if you see a street lamp flicker on you should make a wish quickly and it should come true.  (I won’t mention the theory behind seeing a street light go out.)

Safe and happy driving wishes everyone!



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