Posted by: freshbakednews | February 18, 2009

Making Wishes – Clocks

I’ve known about clock wishing for a long time.  What I don’t know and would like to learn is, How did  this wishing method come about?  Was it simply the invention of digital clocks?  Analogue clocks don’t allow for wishing following the theory below.  (Don’t read ahead!)  The analogue clock that shows the big hand between “1” and “2” and the little hand at “11” doesn’t appear as “visually exciting” as the display of the same time on a digital clock.

The theory is this…(and all of it relates to digital clocks!)…
if a clock reads 11:11 make a wish.

Some folks expand upon the same theory…
if a clock reads 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 (and so on) they make a wish.

I’ve also known people who make a wish at exactly 1:23 or 2:34 or 3:45 or…

I know that I’m not always a logical thinker.  (This is especially true when coming off a very busy Valentine week!)  But I find plausible reason in considering that digital clock wishing may have started because people feel lucky to see a clock that reads numbers similar to 11:11 or 1:23, etc.  And if you carry that sentiment one step further – since you’re feeling lucky — make a wish!  

Wish for something good!



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