Posted by: freshbakednews | February 25, 2009

Photos of Sprinkles! (some of our sprinkles, anyway)

Yesterday we mentioned we’d try to get some photos posted of the new sprinkle variety added to the site.  We know it’s tough to envision cupcakes with sprinkles on top when there’s no photo reference!

Here are the pastel rainbow sprinkles.          
Compare them with the rainbow sprinkles below!  
The pastel rainbow are a twist on the traditional stand-by rainbow sprinkle. 
We like it – especially with spring in the future.


Above are lavender sprinkles.  (I know, guys.  They look gray.  Purple isn’t always easy to capture on the camera.  No lavender flavor in these – just the lavender color.
Below are darker purple sprinkles.  These are called “Purple” on the site.

Our next photo shows red sprinkles.

And these are pink small sphere sprinkles!

In addition to being added as sprinkles these have also been added to our mix-in list.  Check it out!  



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