Posted by: freshbakednews | March 3, 2009

Simple is Pretty

I consider myself a minimalist and try to live my life as simply as possible.  Wish-Cake is excellent for me because it allows me to let everything out.  Oftentimes the more a cupcake is sprinkled the better it looks, eh?  Even better yet is colored frosting AND sprinkles on a cupcake!  Therefore, when the order for the cupcakes pictured below arrived I was a bit surprised…no sprinkles on top?  What are they going to look like? Are they going to look presentable?  Will anyone want to eat them?  Ah, yes.  These cupcakes reminded Wish-Cake that oftentimes simpler can be better (or at the very least…simple can still be pretty).  See for yourself! Thank you, Natasha, for reminding us!




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