Posted by: freshbakednews | March 20, 2009

A Strange and Busy Week

It’s been a strange and busy week and we’ve been slow with our posts and photos.  Please accept our apologies!  Take a look at these marvelous beauties delivered earlier today!


These were all Build-Your-Own cupcakes.  Visit Wish-Cake online to check it out!  

If you’ve already purchased cupcakes from Wish-Cake our relationship is not over!  We’d love to hear from you!  Please tell us what you thought about us!  Take a few seconds to visit and complete our purchaser survey located at: 
to receive 10% off another order!

If you’re received cupcakes from Wish-Cake you can participate too!  Please visit our recipient survey located at:  

Be honest!  We want to improve for YOU, our creative customers!

Coming soon…our monthly “Making Wishes” blog.



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