Posted by: freshbakednews | March 21, 2009

Making Wishes – Genies & Lamps

Movies, books and songs (among other things) have popularized the idea of the genie in the old lamp.  Most know that when one rubs the lamp a genie is supposed to magically emerge.  As a reward for freeing the Genie the person who rubbed the lamp is granted three wishes.    In essence, the genie is a servant of the person who frees him and must grant his master the three wishes.  The common belief behind wishing this way is that your wishes are pretty much guaranteed to come true.  (A Genie’s wish potential is thought to be more powerful than a birthday candle wish or a digital clock time wish.)  At Wish-Cake we think it’s because of this strong collective faith in genies that some of them have been known to impose a few wish limitations.  Perhaps the most famous one is “No wishing for more wishes”.  Darn. 

We’d wish for peace and cupcakes for everyone! 😉 

What would you ask for from your genie?



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