Posted by: freshbakednews | April 15, 2009

"Wayne Thiebaud-esque" Cake

What is she talking about? And where are the cupcake photos?
Calm down! Today’s blog will include at least one cake photo.

I’m not sure “Wayne Thiebaud-esque” is the best way to describe my mom’s lemon meringue cake (below). Her cake was a DELICIOUS combination Easter/birthday cake.  As soon as I saw it I thought it was wonderful and beautiful.  It reminded me of one of Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings.   🙂

Here is a photo of my mom’s wonderful cake.


Wayne Thiebaud (pronounced Tee-bo)  -one of my favorite artists – is a talented American painter whose most famous pieces celebrate cakes, pastries, boots, toys and lipstick.  You may recognize a couple examples of his work below (especially if you’re a cake lover like me).

Wayne Thiebaud

There’s a great deal of information about Wayne Thiebaud on the internet — of course! 
Below are only a few of those sites –  Check them out!

And of course…he DID paint cupcakes! There’s a book about him called Delicious: The Art and Life of Wayne Thiebaud. There are cupcake paintings in there and I can’t get enough of them.

Anyway…my mom’s cake really reminded me of his work.
You be the judge and while you’re looking enjoy Thiebaud’s work!




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