Posted by: freshbakednews | April 26, 2009

Making Wishes – Eyelashes

One of the stranger ways to make wishes, at least for me, is the eyelash wish.  The theory is that when one of your eyelashes falls out and you find it, blow it off your fingertip and make a wish!  I admit, that’s not bad.  I can handle that.

However, there are some folks that say if another person finds the eyelash (shiver) he/she should do it for you.  Do what?  Ughh…the theory states that the eyelash finder should declare that he/she found an eyelash and then (shiver) lift it off your check.  He/she should ask you to make a wish.  Then the wisher is supposed to blow it off the finder’s finger.  (Shiver.)  Ughh…I’m sorry but unless this person is a significant other or a close family member… please don’t be lifting eyelashes off my face!  Please do me a favor and tell me the eyelash is there so I can retrieve it and blow if off my finger myself.    😉



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