Posted by: freshbakednews | June 19, 2009

Making Wishes – Coins

Many of us have either made a wish by throwing a coin into a fountain or walked passed someone making a wish this way. It’s one of the most common wishing techniques. It usually involves making a wish before throwing a coin into a body of water. It may have been born from the concept of “wishing wells” and old European folklore. Apparently, some people believed gods lived at the bottom of water wells and saying a wish aloud and then thanking the gods by throwing coins into the well was almost a guaranteed way to have your wish granted. 😉 Some believers take it a step further by considering your wish granted ONLY if the coin landed “heads-up.” If I was a god I wouldn’t want folks pelting coins into my home while at the same time requesting favors. What do you think?

(Please look before you wish! If there is anything living in the water don’t throw the coins. Studies have shown that the metal isn’t good for the wellbeing of the living organisms. Thanks!)



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