Posted by: freshbakednews | August 12, 2009

What Day is it Today?

Here are some photos of our most recent deliveries in the Philadelphia region.  It’s been a busy week!  What day is it today?

These are Banana cupcakes delivered for a very special Wish-Cake friend.

An example of our Lemon cupcake.  This one was delivered to the same special person!  Happy Birthday, Dee!
(As you can see we’re experimenting with a slice of real lemon on the top of our cupcakes vs. our candy lemon slice.  (shown below)  We like the naturalness of the real lemon slice!)

These are our fun Worm-n-Dirt cupcakes.  They were delivered to celebrate the 24th birthday of another special person!  Enjoy!

Please visit our menu to find more delicious cupcakes.  We’d love to bake and deliver for you!  🙂



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