Posted by: freshbakednews | September 18, 2009

National Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh is great.  In honor of National Play-Doh Day (which I thought was today but there seems to be confusion about whether it was September 16 or 17 BUT it’s definitely not today!) I found the cupcake image below.  It’s a cupcake completely created with Play-Doh!  What a great invention!

Play-DohCupcakeCreation.jpg image by rwnh

Below are real cupcakes frosted with Play-Doh colors.  How cool!

See full size image

Following our tradition of posting interesting Wish-Cake cupcake photos below is a cool photo of Play-Doh containers!  It can be found at  So…Happy National Play-Doh Day – whenever it was!



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