Posted by: freshbakednews | September 29, 2009


Since its creation Wish-Cake has baked over 5,000 cupcakes!  Whew!  What a massive accomplishment!

To give our readers an idea of what 5,000 cupcakes looks like we had fun learning the following facts –

If 5,000 cupcakes were stacked one on top of the other they would equal the height of Philadelphia’s City Hall (including William Penn) more than twice! Check out our graphic below!

5,000 cupcakes would stretch for 2 tenths of a mile if laid end to end.  That’s a good distance!

If each cupcake weighs approximately 2 ounces then 5,000 cupcakes would weigh approximately 625 pounds!

Amazing!  Congratulations on 5,000 Wish-Cake!

5000 cupcakes photo



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