Posted by: freshbakednews | December 9, 2009

A Pictorial Cupcake Sequence

Today we had the pleasure of delivering some Chocolate Cookie-n-Cream Cupcakes for a college student’s 21st birthday.  It seems to be a heavy chocolate week this week!  Bring it on!  Happy Birthday!

Anyway, we used those cupcakes to take some photos and we thought it would be fun to show the process of frosting the cupcakes!  Here is the process…in stages.

120809 AM 01

First we start with the “naked” cupcake.

120809 AM 02

Then we frost it.  In this case, with chocolate buttercream frosting.

120809 AM 03

Next we add the topping.  Chocolate Cookie-n-Cream Cupcakes receive an Oreo cookie crumb topping.

120809 AM 04

Finally we add the cookie piece!

Ta da!!!  It’s the delicious finished product!



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