Posted by: freshbakednews | March 5, 2010


On March 2nd I wrote about a creative answer to the phone-on-the-counter-in-the-kitchen problem.  That night I ran out and bought a wonderful auto mount to use with my iPhone while baking.  As you can see below the box clearly states that it fits iPhones.  I made sure to find one that did because I’ve been known to fail at that stage in the process. However, I (not the gps manufacturer) didn’t think it through completely…

I opened the box and it came with all sorts of wonderful parts inside…my excitement was growing! I found the piece that holds the iPhone/GPS/iTouch and quickly unwrapped it!

Ugh.  My hopes fell.  There’s nothing wrong with the GPS mount.  It’ll fit an iPhone or GPS perfectly.  The manufacturer is correct.  However, if the phone user needs any type of protective case around it — which, of course, I do the phone and case don’t seem to fit.  My blue colored protective case burned it’s image in my eyes. I weighed the option of removing the case — this quickly brought vivid images of shattering the phone on one of my many tumbles as well as dropping the phone, having it slide to the floor of the car, etc.  I compared the inevitable destruction of my phone vs. the ease of use while talking and baking.  The case won.

I glared again at the case and thought, “I don’t talk and bake that much anyway.  It’s too much multi-tasking.” Looks like I’ll be making a trip to return the perfectly fine GPS mount and will continue to use my trusty ear buds to talk hands free.  Does someone smell spilled milk?  🙂

I wish all you non clumsy iPhone people much success!



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