Posted by: freshbakednews | July 30, 2010

Food Art

There’s often art decorating cupcakes and…

Piet Mondrian Cupcakes

…general food photography has become an art.

I’ve always had an interest in and enjoyed art (both making and viewing) and in the past I’ve mentioned my fondness for Wayne Thiebaud.  If you’re not familiar with his work please check him out!  He’s awesome.

Recently I found myself looking for food paintings.
(If the art happened to include sweets that was a bonus!)
While doing this I ran across some interesting artists.
I don’t claim to know enough about any of them but I admire their work!

Take a look at “Chocolate Cupcake” by Oriana Kacicek.
It looks like a photo!
Oriana Kacicek Website
Oriana Kacicek Daily Blog

Check out “Cheesecake” and “Galaxy Bar” by Ria Hills!  They’re fun!
Ria Hills Website

I love the texture in Tom Brown’s paintings!  Take a look at any of his paintings on his site, Tom Brown Studio.
I especially like the eggs in a row painting and the chocolate cream filled cupcake painting!

Let us know your favorite food artist (painter, baker, photographer, cook, etc.)!
Drop us a note via our Wish-Cake contact us form!



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