Posted by: freshbakednews | August 9, 2010

Layer Cake

Everything is running like always at Wish-Cake.
We have been a bit strained in the free time department so our blogging has suffered.  Recently we were pretty much sacrilegious and baked a red velvet layer cake.  Check out our pictures!

The two cakes cooling

The finished frosted layer cake —
It’s red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes.

(And, yes, we know it’s a bit crooked.)

After cutting into it — what a beauty!

An individual slice —

we know the layers are a bit uneven.  Tough, it was for us (not a customer) and still yummy!

All in all we had a fun time using our skills to bake something different and everyone had an awesome time eating it!



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