Posted by: freshbakednews | September 20, 2010

The Whoopie Pie Festival, September 2010

We loved it!  The weather was perfect this weekend for the Whoopie Pie Festival at Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn.  What a great time!  There were more flavors of whoopie pies than we knew what to do with including: lemon, cream cheese, pumpkin, vanilla, red velvet, banana, chocolate, orange, chocolate dipped and much more (over 100 to be exact)!  We ate a chocolate pie while there and took 3 others (banana, red velvet and a second chocolate) home for later.

The Whoopie Pie Festival has been around since 2004 and is host to different sweet and fun filled activities throughout the day.  When we arrived we saw the tail end of the Whoopie Pie Launch as well as a station for kids to create their own whoopie pies.  We had to leave prior to the eating contest but we made sure we got an awesome view of the largest whoopie pie ever baked –  an amazing 225 pounds!

As you can see (from photos below) the whoopie pie tent was so mobbed that it was difficult to work our way through the crowd.

Below is a photo of our chocolate whoopie pie before we ate all of it.  If you’re in love with whoopie pies or in need of a sweet celebration please visit the festival next year!  We know we’ll be back!  In fact, just retelling our experiences at the event has motivated us to find and eat the final 1/2 banana whoopie pie!  If you’re willing to share that’s great, otherwise, it belongs to whoever gets to it first…yum!