Posted by: freshbakednews | December 14, 2010

Random Cupcake Sighting Number ?

We’ve mentioned in previous blog entries that cupcakes are everywhere – in stores, in commercials, in advertisements, pictured on products.  In fact, we’ve started to feel surprised if we don’t see them while milling around in our daily routine.

Last week, however, a fun random cupcake sighting actually surprised us!  While en route to a meeting we saw the sign pictured below in the lobby of a large Connecticut business.  We couldn’t miss seeing the sign.  It clearly advertises The Cupcake Truck – a clever New Haven cupcake business.  We know they’re probably not the first cupcake truck business but they’re the first truck we’ve seen to advertise in and make cupcakes mobile enough for the lobby of a large corporate business.  We admire (and are a bit envious of) their logistical talent!