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Tie-Dye Never Goes Out of Style

Our vanilla pound cake cupcakes with vanilla buttercream Tie-Dye frosting!
The smell of these in the morning helps make the cold weather bearable.

Posted by: freshbakednews | November 19, 2010

Cupcakes at Car Shows!

Now this is something I thought I’d never see!  It’s awesome!
Mercedes Cupcake Van

Posted by: freshbakednews | November 11, 2010

Convincing Cupcakes

Last night we had a few minutes to look through the recipes from Food & Wine’s most recent edition.  (searching for some new Thanksgiving ideas)  We ran into two different advertisements using cupcakes that were literally just pages away!  The first advertisement is for a new product (to us) called Stevia.  Stevia is a non-caloric sweetener that comes from a plant. We think the add is a little goofy with the cupcake popping out of the plant but it gets your attention and it is a good looking cupcake!

The second advertisement is for Cupcake Vineyards.  If you’d like to read what Wish-Cake wrote about their wine previously — look here.  The photo in the magazine happens to be the photo on the home page of their website.  It’s quite lovely!

We’re looking forward to finding the next convincing cupcake advertisement!  Oh, and if we happen to bake anything from Food & Wine magazine we’ll be sure to let you know and take lots of photos!  We have our eyes on a pumpkin cheesecake!

Posted by: freshbakednews | November 5, 2010

Featured Cupcake for November: our Apple Cupcake!

Whatever your favorite apple may be…Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Rome, McIntosh, Fuji or another… you’ll like our delicious Apple Cupcake.  We’re making it the cupcake of the month for November.  Why have apple pie when you can have an apple cupcake?

Posted by: freshbakednews | November 2, 2010

Mix It Up

A variety of cupcakes were part of recent birthday deliveries.

Starting with Cookie Dough cupcakes…

…moving on to some Madelyn’s Chocolate cupcakes…

…then some Minty Chip cupcakes and finally…

…some Princess cupcakes!!
We hope all the birthday recipients had a good time and enjoyed them!  Remember that as a Wish-Cake customer you can modify your cupcakes any way you choose!  Do you like the look of the Princess cupcakes but rather not add the rainbow confetti circle sprinkles?  That’s fine!  Just discuss your preferences with us and Wish-Cake will be happy to oblige.

Posted by: freshbakednews | October 29, 2010

Spooky City

Yesterday we took these two very quick shots of Philadelphia while we were delivering.  The photos aren’t the best quality, however, we think they resemble a Halloween-like scene with the fog limiting visibility of some of the buildings.  (How appropriate for the weekend!)
We’re thankful yesterday’s weather got better as the day progressed and we’re happy today’s is starting on a lighter note!

Posted by: freshbakednews | October 27, 2010

Wedding Cupcakes

We don’t normally write about the specifics of our deliveries, however, Wish-Cake had the privilege to bake for a wedding held October 16th, 2010.  It was a beautiful site and a beautiful day.  We feel it was an honor and we have to share some of the detail with our fans.  Please enjoy!!

We haven’t blogged about the wedding until now for two main reasons:
1. Recovery time!
2. We wanted to be sure everyone was happy and it went well!

We first heard from a banquet server at the reception site who stated,
“I was one of the Banquet servers…I have to tell you that your cupcakes so far have been the best, we have had…Thanks.”

It was beyond excellent to hear that.  We were thrilled!  However, we still wanted to hear from the bride.  We were going to reach out but then saw the 5 star review from Kim — the bride.  She wrote,
“Wish-Cake LLC is so terrific!  They offer great customer service and the tastiest cupcakes”

The wedding cupcakes are below.  There were seven different varieties!
The first picture is our Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with green cream cheese frosting.
The second picture shows our Chocolate Cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting.
The third picture shows our Vanilla Squared Cupcakes with green vanilla buttercream frosting.
The fourth picture shows our Chocolate Cupcakes again but this time with peanut butter frosting.
The fifth picture shows a version of our Cookie Dough Cupcakes.
The sixth picture are our Carrot Cupcakes with green cream cheese frosting.
The seventh are our Lemon Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Kim and the groom made the cupcake stands.  I’ve never seen anything like them — they were beautiful!  In the short amount of time we were setting up at the reception the decorations were great.  The reception had a very earthy and nature-like feel.  Here are all the cupcake varieties on the stands at the reception.

We used brown liners for the regular sized cupcakes and white liners for the three larger cupcakes (in the center of each stand).  We had to give each of the larger cupcakes a “boost” because next to the regular cupcakes they didn’t appear as large as we thought they should.  The brown liners were larger than our standard everyday cupcake liners.

As mentioned earlier, it was a beautiful Saturday.  We wish Kim and Frank all the best!  It was a pleasure baking for you and your wedding!  Congratulations!

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Cookie Dough, Fudge Frosted and Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Today we delivered a variety of cupcakes — Cookie Dough, Fudge Frosted and Pumpkin Spice in honor of a couple birthdays.  We hope they were enjoyed!

If you’re in the Philadelphia area today — enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. Go Phillies!

Posted by: freshbakednews | October 17, 2010

Busy Baking Bees

We may be a bit light with our blogging entries lately, however, we’ve been super busy!  We baked some Baseball Cupcakes to celebrate a birthday for a young boy.  (His family happens to be BIG Phillies fans!  Let’s go Phillies!)

That same family celebrated their daughter’s birthday with some Tie-Dye Cupcakes exactly one week after the first celebration!

We baked three different types of cupcakes for another family.  Immediately below are some of our Madelyn’s Chocolate Cupcakes

…and our Cookie Dough

…and finally our Lemon Cupcakes (modified a bit with vanilla buttercream frosting, 1/3 candy lemon slice and purple & blue sprinkles).

We took photos of every stage of baking the Lemon Cupcakes just because we thought it would be fun.  Take a look!  Here are the bare Lemon Cupcakes waiting to be frosted.

Below is the vanilla buttercream frosting, the sprinkles and the candy lemon slices.  Sometimes we have as much fun baking & decorating them as we hope our customers have eating them!  The finished product was a fun blend and looked festive!  We hope to be more consistent blogging the next few days, however, it’s awesome to be as busy as we’ve been.  Thanks!  Our customers are the best!

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Go Phillies!

Being local to the Philadelphia area, we had to put our congratulations out there for the Phillies!  Last night’s game was awesome.  Thanks for making the season so fun!

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